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Основатель ovetel ярослав донченко биография

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Основатель Ovetel

Основатель одной из стабильных в Америке VoIP компании OVETEL

Knowledge of Business Impact Analysis is one of the essential skills of Mr. Yaro Donchenko. For the readers whoare not aware, Mr. Donchenko is the current chief executive officer of ASTA Capital Incorporated. ASTA Capital Inc. is an investment company located in New York and has currently invested on over 50 telecommunication companies across 11 countries – with each investment vehicle has a value that ranges between 2 to 10 million

Moving on, this post aims to discuss some essential aspects of Business Impact Analysis – definition, why is it important, significance in an organization, etc…

BIA is generally defined and includes the following objectiv


• It is the process of predicting possible unfavorable scenarios when business operations are disrupted.

• Gathering necessary information to prevent such situations as well as recovery strategies in the event of

• Analyzes both internal and external components to mitigate risk and maximizing recovery enablers

Needless to say, Business Impact Analysis is important because it gives the company an insight on things to do to ensure profitable even in an unlikely event that certain business operations will be halted. For example, during a strong storm, a VoIP wholesale termination company may advise its cleaning personnel not to go to work